If you’re looking to buy weed online, then your search is finally over. High Grade Delta-8 Carts are available in two strains, Blueberry and Strawberry Fields with an 80% THC content for the ultimate high.

You can order them from your local dispensary or get them delivered to your door by ordering online.

Benefits of Delta-8 vape carts?

High Grade Delta-8 Carts

You might be wondering why you would need a vape cart when you have a quality batch of regular extract already in hand. Well, regular cannabis extracts contain anywhere between 60-80% THC depending on the strain, but these vape art carts contain upwards of 80%.

This means that you need a very small amount to give you the same high as if you had smoked the entire container. This is because delta-8 contains almost entirely THC and only about 10 % CBD.

How these double-strength cannabis do extracts work?

These vape carts contain a mixture of both regular marijuana extracts and delta-8 oil. The THC in this is so potent that you’ll feel the effects pretty quickly.

When you heat up the Delta-8, which is what a vape cartridge does, the THC in it reacts with the delta-8 and literally transforms into a highly concentrated THC wax vape.

You have to have a vape cartridge to actually use this, so you can either get one delivered to your doorstep, or pick up one at your local dispensary. The advantage of getting them online is that you can order as many as necessary and there are no limits on how many of each flavor you can order.

What is special about Vape Cartridges?

Vape cartridges are small containers that you put your wax into so you can use them. They screw into a special kind of battery, and depending on how you set it up, it heats up the container so that the wax melts.

The oil turns into vapor and you inhale it to get high. They’re very easy to use and many people prefer vape cartridges over actual weed because it doesn’t smell nearly as much and it’s easier to take with them wherever they go. Plus, the level of purity is much higher than in regular marijuana extract, but again, you need one of these cartridges in order to actually enjoy it.

What are the different strains of vape carts?

The High Grade Delta-8 Vape carts come in two flavors, blueberry and strawberry fields. Each has a 60% THC level and you can have three of each flavor at one time when ordering online. The advantages of these extracts is that they contain more THC than regular marijuana extracts, and the delta-8 oil allows you to take just a little bit at a time.