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Souvia® Tea offers a wide selection of premium loose leaf teas, herbals, botanicals and  other tisanes from the best tea estates in the world as well as the essentials to complete your tea experience.

At Souvia® Tea, our goal is to educate the customer on the quality and benefits of tea and to nurture appreciation for a beverage that is greatly enjoyed in Europe, Japan, China, India and throughout the world.

Choose from one of our over 130 selections including White, Green, Oolong and Black Teas. Our Herbals and Botanicals include Rooibos, Ayurvedic and traditional herbals.

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Tea has its origin in China where it was originally used for
medicinal purposes only before it became a staple drink in
every household. Although there are many legends about the discovery of tea, one of the better known tells the story of Shen Nung (2737 B.C.), emperor, scholar and herbalist who he was sitting beneath a tree one day, boiling his drinking water, when a leaf from the tree dropped into the water, infusing it. Learn more >>

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When people first come to tea, they often arrive from the world of coffee. Many are either trying to avoid caffeine altogether or seek an alternative source for their morning cup.
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