Anyone who is not at all skilled at handwork can probably not avoid investing a little more and having their screen enclosures in Champaign, IL cover erected by a professional. Since a specialist company usually also provides the material, offers on the Internet or in hardware stores cannot be used in this case.

Even if the roof is to be made of glass, it is advisable to commission a specialist company with the construction, as the glass plates are very heavy and can only be placed on the roof structure with a suitable device. It is also extremely annoying if a glass plate is damaged or broken during assembly.

Terrace roofs made of wood

The usually simpler and cheaper way to provide your terrace with a patio roof is a patio cover made of wood. Only the maintenance effort is somewhat greater than with the aluminum variant. Since the price also depends on the size of the patio cover, we only used a few examples for our comparison, which convinced with the price-performance ratio, the light construction and the attractive appearance.

Aluminum patio roofs

Aluminum patio roofs impress with their timeless elegance and are maintenance-free. They are a bit more expensive to buy than wooden structures, but because of their light weight they can usually be set up with only two people. For the comparison, we also used the price-performance ratio, the construction conditions and the optics.


  1. Glass: Only so-called safety glass may be used for the roof itself. This glass is so stable that it can withstand snow loads. Safety glass is a laminated glass that consists of several layers of glass, between each of which a film has been incorporated. The films can be UV-impermeable without obscuring the incident light. Glass is usually very weather-resistant and easy to clean. The disadvantage is the high weight, the higher price and the significantly greater effort involved in installation.
  2. Double wall sheets: Plastic sheets made of acrylic glass or polycarbonate are much lighter and easier to handle for the patio roof. The cheapest option are double wall sheets made of polycarbonate. However, they are not as robust and often have to be replaced after a few years.

Acrylic glass is not only heavier but similarly robust as glass and also shields against UV rays. However, it is more expensive to purchase. Both materials can be obtained in clear or tinted. Alternatively, corrugated polyester sheets can also be used.