It often happens that the photo isn’t as beautiful as the actual scene. The color of the tree often fades, and the color of the sky tends to have a different color. But still, some people manage to put the same or even better effects than one in reality. How’s that possible? It’s possible with the Best photo editing software free.

Now the camera has become a new weapon to showcase your creativity and talent. The editing software gives you a bigger platform to play with your skills and create something new.

Let’s now check out the top 5 photo editing software:

  1. My memories Suite

This is a super simple software to use, with no complex features, non-time consumption, and simply defined software that can be easily learned and understood.  The software offers you to make a photo book, scrapbooks, customized gifts, and many other items.

It can be used for both commercial and personal purposes.

  1. Snappa

Snappa is design software that helps to edit your photo by adding some more photos too. It works with various dimensions and effects which gives your photo a new life.

If you’re someone who makes banners, edits photos, maintains a blog, or handles social media then Snappa can be the best software for you as a graphic designer.

Snappa even makes your work more accessible with the toolbar in it. from where you can find all the tools, texts, and various other items to enhance your graphics in the picture.

  1. Fotor

Fotor can be the most useful software if you’re a photographer and edits pictures for better effects. Also, the software comes for free. But still offers you numerous features such as basic edit adjustments, effects, collage adjustments, and design resources.  Being a free software the software doesn’t fulfill any of your requirements for which you can buy, Fotor pro.

Best photo editing software free

  1. Stencil

Digital images are very quick to be spoiled but stencil will fix all your problems. It provides more than 5 million free photos in high resolution. The photos can be saved in Favourites so that you can easily find them. It comes with a 7-day plan which allows you to save over 10 images in a month.

  1. Skylum Luminar

Whether it is landscape or blurred Skylum Luminar is the most unique editing software which fixes all these problems. It helps to beautify the nature in the picture and gives you a lot more space to test your creativity.

Sky Luminar is free-to-download software that also has many various upgraded versions.