Kratom For Sale Online And Its Usage

Kratom For Sale Online And Its Usage

Kratom or Ketum is an evergreen and deciduous tree which is native to Southeast Asia mainly Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, etc. It belongs to the family of Rubiaceae, a coffee species. The biological name of kratom is Mitragyna speciosa. The tree contains green leaves and the leaves are oval in shape. Earlier, kratom was used by only the local people of the Southeast Asia but later on people from all over the world started consuming it. Kratom for sale online is also available.

There was a long debate going on kratom being accepted as a medical drug but the United States Drug Enforcement Administration stated that “There is no legal medical use of kratom” and hence it has been illegalized in most part of the world. In Thailand also it was illegalized under the 2486 kratom act in the year 1943 due to its harmful effects.  Later in 2010, the Thai office of Narcotics Control Board decriminalized the usage of kratom leaves and affirmed its usage as an integral part of Thai culture.

Kratom for sale online


Kratom leaves can be consumed in various forms. People in Thailand consume the raw leaves of kratom without mixing it with another material. Kratom leaves can also be crushed to powder and then can be consumed with water. Moreover, you can also mix it with black tea or with chocolate milk. Kratom leaves are mixed with chocolate milk to reduce the strange taste of the leaf. Some people also consume kratom leaves with fruit juices. You cannot smoke kratom leaves due to their high concentration. But before you take kratom leaves make sure that you are taking it in the required amount. A fresh Kratom leaf weighs around 2 grams. The weight of kratom leaves can be measured with the help of measuring scale. There are many such scales available in the market and you can but it from anywhere. Moreover, kratom, when measured by volume doesn’t give accurate results as compared to the measurement by weight.

Kratom leaves can be taken as recreational drug and helps in –

  • Curbing stress and providing a good mood.
  • As a pain killer for body pain.
  • As an alternative to opium. Although it’s not opium, it can help in curing opiate addiction.

Excess of anything is bad and if you will take a high dosage of kratom leaves then may suffer from long-term health disease or even loss of life. Consumption of high dosage of kratom leaves may lead to loss of appetite and weight, constipation, delayed ejaculation during the sexual intercourse, etc.

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