With WhatsApp being a very popular online messaging platform that has more than a billion users, it becoming a hub for businesses is something many anticipated quite early on since where there are people, there will be businesses to attract potential customers. To aid exactly in this, the whatsapp business api was launched.

Since almost everyone uses WhatsApp, it is easier to communicate business through WhatsApp as well — it helps in boosting the availability as well as the communication between the client and the business. APIs help in regulating these conversations on a large scale, making it possible for multiple customers to be attended to at the same time without any delay.

WhatsApp Business API

What is an API?

In simpler terms, an API or application program interface is an application that acts as a medium between a business and its customers on WhatsApp Business app. It regulates the conversation through automated and interactive messages before diverting it to the needed business agent or employee for the task.

In this way, the application saves a lot of time and clears out many of the short, frequently asked questions without any assistance which may result in more efficiency along the employees of the business.

How is it different from the WhatsApp Business app?

The difference is quite a simple one —the WhatsApp business is made for businesses that are small and are not looking for escalation since the business owner has to look after the messages received on the said WhatsApp account themselves. WhatsAppBusiness API, on the other hand, is used by businesses that are looking to upscale their business and thus, have to handle hundreds of clients regularly.

It also provides multiple login facility in case different agents need to operate on the business account while also having basic triggering messages installed that keeps the customer engaged and their talks interactive.

Features of the API

Since the WhatsApp account itself is used for official business interactions and to represent the business and its ethics to potential customers, it is important to note its facilities before starting to use it:

  • Automated, quick replies that can make the customer feel like they have been heard
  • Labels every message as per its importance and subject of the query;
  • No need for integration with other websites or systems;
  • Multiple people can log in to the same WhatsApp business account and handle different types of customers or clients;
  • Series of automated messages programmed to be triggered on specific words or queries;
  • Can send bulk messages to its clients;
  • Encrypted and secure messages due to the reliability of WhatsApp.

Thus, with so many features and a quick setup system, WhatsApp APIs can change the whole outlook of a business by making conversations easier with the clients. To integrate an API in your WhatsApp business app, either buy it from official websites available on the net or contact your nearest mobile service provider.