Family Medicine clinics are special clinics that provide services to an individual, or a family of all age groups, all types of diseases, and all parts of the body. However, the specialist who checks up on the diseases is a primary care physician (general physician) who may also be called a family physician. Since 1950 the family medicine practice became popular post-world war 1950s.

Why family medicine doctors are important?

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According to the way the disease is progressing, the family doctor has become the need of the hour. Being a specialist in every disease, people remain in dilemma which doctor to go to. Whereas the family doctor not only knows the patient but also his complete history and he would even know which medicine suits the patient and which does not.

A doctor charges some dollars for any check-up of a problem or disease, whereas a family doctor gives medicines for all diseases in the same amount and can show at least twice in one slip. If you want to show any report in the middle, you can show it. He also knows about the financial condition of the patient. That’s why he writes only the necessary tests, the family doctor guides their patient properly.

Suppose there is a disease in which a super-specialist doctor is needed, then he will refer his patient to a doctor who will be reliable and professional in his field. Referring to the doctor of the acquaintance will take suitable money from the patient. Due to this the patient will not have to wonder and will also get the treatment cheaply.

 Best Family Medicine clinics in Singapore

Osler international is one of the best clinics that has an international team of family clinic doctors, they care for infants, newborn babies, teens, adults, and every age group people, and put your and your family’s health on top priority. Osler international has a team of both male and female doctors. They allocate time depending upon the availability of your time and the complexity of the patient. They always try to listen and resolve your issues as consulted by you.

Talking about the charges, their charges start from $70 and maybe increased according to the complexity of the patient. They do not have any extra charges involved in their hospitals.

The day you’ve booked the appointment, you will get a consultation on the same day, the doctors may be busy someday but they put an emergency slot for their urgent patients who need the emergency consultation or are in urgency. Health screening, vaccines (Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (TDaP), poliomyelitis, hepatitis A, etc.) are other amazing services offered by Osler international in family medicine clinic singapore.