Dabbing is the high-temperature flash vaporisation of dabs, also known as concentrates, using a dab rig, e-rig, or dab pen. To take a dab, heat the nail of a dab rig with a torch and allow it to cool to the proper temperature. The cannabis concentrate is inserted in the nail and vaporised by the intense heat. A carb cap is put over the nail, and the dabber inhales while the carb cap controls the airflow. Before reaching the dabber’s lungs, vapour flows from the nail into the main hall of the rig and is cooled by water. In this article, we will concentrate on classic dabbing with such a dab rig. Check out additional e-rig and dab pen resources. Dabbing has a learning curve, so if you have never done it before, having someone skilled explain you how to do it might be beneficial. Try Shop for dab rigs at TokePlanet

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How to Remove a Dab Nail

A nail can accumulate carbon, recovered oil, and particles. Many dabbers clean the nail after every hit, but should be done at the conclusion of each session at the very least. Here are amongst the most effective techniques to clean a nail:

  • Q-Tips: Use a Q-Tip to soak up any excess oil after each dab while it’s still wet. To remove small amounts of char, wipe the end with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Torch: To burn out any remaining carbon or reclaim, heat your nail with a torch before adding concentration. Allow your nail to cool completely once it has turned red hot as well as the residue has dissipated before finishing it with a scrape.
  • Scrape: To remove small accumulation, carefully scrape your nail with a pointed dabber tool. Take cautious not to break any glass.
  • Wash: After soaking the nail in 91% isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes, wipe or scrape it.

How to Create Dabs

Before you start dabbing, keep in mind that solvent concentrates like shatter, wax, crumble, honey, jelly, and many more are manufactured using a chemical solvent like butane. As a result, these concentrates may only be created by a qualified technician using the appropriate equipment, and they cannot be made at home. Check and Shop for dab rigs at TokePlanet

Solvents must be removed from an extraction before it can be consumed, and only a technician licenced in a legal market will be able to do so. Incorrect solvent extraction procedures can be hazardous, resulting in the discharge of hazardous gases or even an explosion.