What is PSLE, details about what to do and not to do during the exam

PSLE- Primary School Leaving Examination is an annual national exam conducted in Singapore by the ministry of education. Every child is required to give this test, usually after 6th grade, before entering the secondary section. The exam tests the child’s proficiency in the English language, their respective mother tongue, which usually includes Malay or Chinese, science, and maths. The students are given approximately two hours for each subject. The language papers also have an oral exam. They have to complete the entire subject paper within the allotted time except for certain parts in the language papers. The test is a multiple-choice questions-based paper in which the children have to mark their answers by darkening the correct answer circle on a standardized optical answer sheet. Some questions require the students to write essay-type answers in the question paper.

Candidates are placed in appropriate secondary schools depending on the score they get in the PSLE exam. The scores are derived from individual scores and range between 4 and 32. Hence, this test is very important for the students in Singapore to continue further education. One of the most preferred methods for preparing for this exam is psle best online courses.

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Some points to keep in point for students appearing in PSLE

Certain important points to keep in mind while shading the answers in the optical answer sheet:

  • Shading the circle completely and with enough clarity and darkness using a 2B pencil is very important as half-shaded circles might not be considered while checking.
  • Writing answers in the question booklet might be a waste of time as they will not be considered.
  • A soft eraser is allowed and can be used to change answers but making sure the wrong answer has been completely erased is very important.
  • Avoid crumpling, tearing, dirtying, and making any unnecessary mark on the optical answer sheet as it may hinder the checking process.

Some rules to abide by before, during, and after the exam 

Before the exam:

  • You should be seated at your desk at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam.
  • Unless you have a valid reason, late candidates will not enter the exam hall.
  • Wear your entire school uniform while going to the examination center.
  • Bring all the stationary required, including pencils, pens, erasers, etc.
  • For exams that allow calculators and dictionaries, make sure that the one you will bring is listed in the list of allowed devices.
  • Do not have any prohibited items such as electronic devices in your possession, as this might result in you being disqualified from the exam. If you have any such device by chance, hand it over to the invigilator before the exam commences and take it while leaving the hall.

The PSLE is an important exam and will determine your secondary studies, but it is not as difficult, and with good preparation, you will be able to pass with flying colors. Opting for the psle best online courses is a great way to study everything while being in the comfort of your home. It also allows you to study at times convenient to you.

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