Wedding planning in this Covid situation is not an easy thing as they sound to be. This is because safety is also more important. On the other side, since wedding is a most memorable event, many people will not prefer to get compromised in its arrangement. This article is a dedication for such people who are getting ready for the grand event in this pandemic situation. Some of the best wedding planning tips which they can carry out in this pandemic time are revealed in this article.

Avoid too many guests

One of the most important strategies they are supposed to follow in this risky circumstance is they must limit their guest count to a considerable extent. When the huge crowd is avoided, the risk will also get reduced to a greater extent. Hence as the first thing, they must make a list on the guests who are to be invited for the event.


Even if they are about to invite only less number of guests, they must make sure to choose spacious venue. This will let their guests to stand with better social distance and there will also be better air circulation in the venue. Hence without any kind of compromise one can choose a spacious venue. The outdoor wedding will be a better choice for this situation. This is because in outdoor there will have more aeration and hence the safety can be ensured to a considerable extent.


Basically the marriage event will be conducted two or three hours. And within this timing, all the guests will shower their blessings for the couple. In case if more number of guests are invited, the timing can also be extended. The event can also be portioned into two sessions and can be carried out with less number of guests in both the sessions. The timing can also be insisted for the guests in order to avoid crowds.

Safety measures

Each and every guest who is entering the location can be provided with sanitizers and they can also be offered with mask. The entire venue should also be sanitized before the arrival of the guests. The chairs in the venue can also be placed with proper distance.

In order to make all these arrangements in the safest and effective way, one can also hand over the responsibility to the best wedding planners who tend to have better wedding plans for this covid situation.