Today, anorectics, stimulants and calorie blockers are known. Thermogenics cause fatty acids to enter the bloodstream, increasing lipid consumption during training this effect can be achieved, for example, when using preparations based on green tea extract. Phenq meal shake where to buy is a common question and it is widely available online on many sites.

The main task of anorectics is to suppress appetite by influencing the corresponding centres of the brain. Thanks to anorectics, it is possible to feel satiety by eating a minimum of food. This promotes weight loss. It is known that this group of drugs has many side effects, so some of them are banned, and others are sold by prescription. Examples of such fat burners are Mazindol, Bromocriptine, Fluoxetine and Sibutramine, however, they cannot be used for fair sex.

Phenq meal shake where to buy

Stimulants are taken to speed up the metabolism to the desired speed and increase calorie expenditure. All to transform fat reserves into energy. The use of stimulants provides a high level of endurance during exercise, so athletes can work out more intensively and get the desired results. Caffeine, ephedrine and clenbuterol stimulate and promote muscle preservation.

Thanks to calorie blockers in the gastrointestinal tract, digestive proteins break down. There may also be a fusion of active substances with carbohydrates and fats from food, the resulting substance is poorly absorbed and practically does not enter the bloodstream. Supplements of this type are Orlistat, Chitosan and Acarbose.

This can happen because carb blockers only work on starches from complex carbohydrates. Glucose and fructose are not affected by them. And the diet of an obese person is more likely to consist of simple carbohydrates – the sugars in processed foods.

Among others, fat burners include the substance L-carnitine, which is responsible for the movement of fatty acids at the cellular level. Other natural fat-burning substances that are sold at the pharmacy are Yohimbine, omega-3 and vitamin B6. And they also say that something similar to a fat-burning effect can be obtained from diuretics, they remove excess water from the body, but their effect in the direction of burning fat is very superficial and causes side effects.