Tips to find Online Counseling Services You Can Trust On

Tips to find Online Counseling Services You Can Trust On

Online counseling services come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a variety of possible functions. Some may be designed for children, for returning citizens, for those on probation, or for military veterans. Some help people find the inner strength to get through tough times and manage their emotions — others help people get out from under their problems. There are non-profit organizations which can serve as sounding boards if you’re going through something difficult; there are also private institutions which will charge you some fees in exchange for their professional service as well as Online marriage counseling free.

To find the right online counseling service that is also easy to use and trustworthy, many people turn to referrals or recommendations from friends or family members who have used the site before. But if you don’t already have a referral, or if you’re looking for more concrete information, the following are some things to take note of and consider.

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Is there a privacy policy?

The first thing you should do is look at the privacy policy of the counseling service. How much information do they require when you register for their service? Do they sell your information (or share it with other companies)? Are there any limitations on what kind of chat logs or transcripts can be kept and/or used by third parties? Find out before you use them — it’s your personal data and it’s your choice how much to share with anyone else.

What kind of payment methods do they accept?

If you’re giving them money, you should know what kind of payment methods and options you have. Look to see if the site accepts your credit card and if so, whether it is major or not-so-major. You should also look to see if they accept any other major forms of payment (PayPal, cashier’s checks, etc.). Some services only accept anonymous payments through cash, which may or may not work for your situation. Read up on their privacy policy as well. Does it allow them to use a third party service like Google Wallet, PayPal or (if they’re in the US)?

How are sessions conducted?

How do you contact the counselor? How does scheduling work? How do you pay for each session? Is there a limit on the number of sessions per month or year, or is it unlimited? Note that some online therapists require you to schedule sessions in advance (1 week, 1 month, etc.). Some may not even allow you to cancel or reschedule a session at all if they’re giving appointments out on a week basis.

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