Your available financing choices are the many payment methods on your auto loan. Depending on the particular offer you are interested in taking advantage of, they may be obtained via the financial institution or directly from the dealership. Buyers are given the option to choose the payment method that is most suitable to their current level of in-house car loan financing singapore.

When a vehicle loan is financed by the bank, it means that the payments for the loan will be taken care of by the bank. It comes with a lower interest rate, which results in the borrower paying a lower total amount over the actual SRP of the vehicle.

in-house car loan financing singapore

House car loan dealership

On the other side, the dealership may provide in-house financing as an alternative to the customer who is making the purchase. They provide a faster approval process, which sometimes may be completed in as little as two hours.

The special offers and discounts accompanying in-house financing are another perk of this kind of financing. Free chattel mortgage expenses, comprehensive insurance for one year, and three years of LTO registration are all included with this. However, in-house financing may occasionally come with higher interest rates than those offered by banks, which means that the borrower will end up paying more than the car’s MSRP. This is the case when comparing in-house financing to bank financing.


In most cases, the first payment is anywhere from 20 percent to 50 percent of the total cost of the vehicle. The remaining percentage will be paid out, together with the interest rate in the form of monthly dividends. This is referred to as the monthly payment or the monthly amortization, and the loan length may range anywhere from 12 months up to 60 months. The lender’s approval will determine the amount of the downpayment and the duration of the loan period that may be taken out.

Which is better?

The borrower’s capacity to make payments is critical in determining which financing option is preferable. If he has a solid connection with a bank, it would be in his best interest to get financing. Because their interest rate is cheaper and they approve loans more quickly, he will get a more favorable offer from them.

If the borrower is in a hurry for approval and despises waiting for a third party to approve the loan, he should pick in-house financing. There is a possibility that the all-inclusive packages and several other goodies more than makeup for the higher interest rates it provides.