Have you ever navigated to a website or application that made you so amaze due to its engaging interface paired with compelling content? Well, you are not alone. The reason behind this interactive and seamless user experience is web designing.

What is web design?

Web design is the general term used to describe anything that has something to do with a website’s usability and visuals. Creating a website is a good tactic to make your products and services known to the digital world. To be able to do this effectively, your website must contain the following 5 elements:


Believe it or not, most people decide based on what they see first. If a product or service displays a good aesthetic, people will likely spend more time just to get to know it and this is called visitor’s dwelling time. In a website or application, having an aesthetically good interface speaks credibility and enhances brand awareness.


If aesthetics is for the eyes, then the content is for the soul. An effective marketing strategy lies in its ability to communicate and bridge your passion behind your products or offered services to your client’s needs or wants by creating compelling content. Good content with adequate links will put your website on top of search engine optimization.


Now that you have employed the first two elements, establishing interaction with your visitors is the 3rd step. This element is the most crucial one because it can convert your leads to sales by telling a story to your customers as they navigate your site.


Having an interactive interface, pave way for bugs. To ensure a seamless interaction, your website must be designed based on the convenience of your users. Your website’s content must be organized and can be easily navigated using buttons.


Even if you already have the four elements, all of them will be deemed useless if your site cannot be seen by people. So, make sure to use digital marketing campaigns that will increase your visibility such as social media advertisement, emailing, and SEO which is the most effective marketing tool today.

The main goal of web design is to provide your visitors with user-centric features by employing both UI Design and UX. UX stands for user experience which is your website’s foundation whereas UI stands for user interface the façade of your website. Remember: UX is the pillar, UI is the overall design, and web design is the whole house.