As we all know, more than one year, million and millions of people around the world are affected because of corona virus. Even the highly developed countries were unable to tackle this medical emergency. More number of scientists was engaged in the task of preparing vaccine for this highly contagious virus. Since the pandemic situation has not settled yet, the recent update about the corona virus is putting people into great stress. In UK the experts have pointed out the new strains of corona virus in many cases. And it is also stated that this new strain is more potent than the previous strain. Since this is a new strain, their symptoms were also considered to be new. Some of the most common symptoms pointed out in the new covid strain are as follows.

  • This new strain was considered to have all the common symptoms that are pointed out in the previous strain. That is the people who are affected with this strain will have dry cough, fever, loss of sensing smell. But these are not the only symptoms of the new strain that was pointed out in UK.
  • These people had impacts even in their mental health. They were pointed to have mental confusions. And they were not stable mentally.
  • Along with this they also had loss of appetite. The people with the new covid strain have also become weak and feeble suddenly.
  • They also had severe headache throughout the day and they experienced greater tiredness. They alsofelt inactive in doing their routine responsibilities.
  • Diarrhea is another common and severe symptoms of new strain. And obviously this is also the reason for why the victims became weak and feeble within short time span.
  • In many cases, the experts pointed out the symptoms of chest pain along with high fever. These people are supposed to have higher health risks.

Apart from the above-mentioned symptoms, the victims of new corona strain also had muscle pain and other related issues. The overall health risk is also severe in these cases. The people with these symptoms must definitely get subjected to the corona test and in case if the result turns positive they are supposed to start the treatment in the very early stage. Since the respiratory problems will be severe in these cases, getting the treatment done at right time is more important than they sound to be.