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Iced Tea Preparation

There are different methods to make Iced Tea. You can either prepare you teas hot and allow to cool, make hot but a bit stronger, and pour directly over ice like we do in the store, or cold steep them.

For iced tea in a hurry, brew your tea hot but make it stronger. If you are using a device like a tea magic, use 50% more tea than normal for the amount of water (3 teaspoons in a tea magic). After steeping, pour it directly over a large glass of ice. Enjoy!

For best results for large quantities, Souvia recommends the cold brewing method for most teas. Cold brewing is a much slower, gentler process which results in a smooth, more subtle taste, and a delivers clear liquor as fewer tannins are released in cold water.

Brewing instructions:

  • Place loose leaves in a strainer or directly into a container and add cold, filtered water. In general, it is recommended to use the same amount of tea for cold brewing as you would for hot brewing. (see table for amount of tea needed)
  • Let tea steep in the refrigerator for up to eight hours. Remove the leaves and enjoy! Use a T-Sac or similar device to make this easy.

While almost all loose tea can be used to brew iced tea, black teas and Rooibos work particularly well.

Refrigerated, iced tea will keep its aroma and taste for approximately three days.

Tea Quantity per 6oz of Water

Amount of Tea for each 6 0z. of water
Black Teas
1 teaspoon
Green Teas
1-2 teaspoons
1 teaspoon
Large-leaf (Oolong, White teas)
1-2 Teaspoons
Scented, flavored and fruit-flavored teas
1-2 teaspoons

For our tea maker advice see the FAQ.