Find the Perfect Type of Bong to Enjoy Smoking

For a smooth and wonderful experience nothing beats getting a bong. An idea of smoking from water is as ancient as smoking culture itself. However, what was the primary reason behind inventing the new way of ingesting the therapeutic herbs. We will find out more about buying it and where to Shop All Bongs.

Something to consider when buying bong is its size. Smaller bong is more discreet and compact, thus making it highly portable and simple to travel. The smaller bongs are simple to handle as well as less possible to get tipped over. The larger bong has got more room for the percolation and room for the special contraptions as well as accessories like bowl attachments and ice catches that improve its smoking experience.

How Do Bongs or Water Pipes Function?

Bongs work just by igniting special herbs within a bowl and inhaling the smoke through mouthpiece, just like how most of the hand pipes function. Since smoke is inhaled, this passes through submerged and removable diffused down stem and in the primary base of your bong where this percolates through water. The process gives filtration and cleans out the smoke to your lungs.

Suppose you are using bong for the first time, make sure you check out how to find a perfect bong. You need to get right information when it comes to enjoying smoking with your bong safely and efficiently.

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Types of Bong to Look at

Bongs have generally come a very long way since homosapien toker made one from the bamboo tube. The latest bongs filter your smoke in many different ways, which includes:

  • Ice bongs cool down the smoke further to allow super-smooth hit. Such bongs have got notches inside its tube that catch ice pieces once they melt.
  • Standard bongs just use water for filtering its smoke.
  • Percolators offer extra level of filtration and cooling. Mechanisms will range from showerhead, tree, inline, and honeycomb percolators.
  • Recycling bongs make use of 2 chamber system for cooling down the herb smoke.

All this extra filtration generally comes with distinct benefits. Let us take a close look at various benefits of using the bong.

What to Smoke with a Bong?

The bongs are made for use with the dry herbs. They are commonly used for smoking cannabis flower, known as weed or marijuana. This makes for an efficient and easy way of smoking cannabis, being fast to set up and offering hard-hitting effects. But, bongs can be used with various types of herbs.


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