Have you ever been confronted with a situation where your teeth are stained, but you have no idea what the best way to cover up your imperfections is? Maybe you’ve tried a little toothpaste and some whitening trays. Either way, it’s likely that after these failed attempts, you’ve resorted to using the Best Teeth Whitening Aligner Cleanser.

Curious about what these products are really like, we decided to find out for ourselves. We searched for and tested out several of these strange chemical concoctions that promise a whiter smile without harsh chemicals and expensive dental work. So, let’s take a closer look at what they are, what they do and whether you should try them.

Teeth Whitening Kit

What is an Online Teeth Whitening Kit?

It can be hard to tell if a product is a teeth whitener if it doesn’t have the words “whitening” or “teeth” in it’s name. Online teeth whitening kits are not much different though.

Most of these products contain trays that you wear over your teeth, which fit tightly around them. Then, you simply apply the secret chemicals to the trays and let the magic happen. According to the companies behind these products, this chemical reaction causes your teeth to become whiter and brighter over time. It works by gently bleaching away stains, similar to how chlorine works in swimming pools.

These online teeth whitening kits are not really that different from the products you can find at your local drug store. They usually contain the same bleaching system but you have to mix them yourself, and then apply them to a custom fitted tray.

Bleach vs. Topicals

The company behind online teeth whitening kits claim that their products are more effective than using bleach. They say that they use lower concentrations of peroxide, therefore it’s more gentle on your gums and teeth. They also say that their products can be used longer than bleach because the peroxide doesn’t touch the enamel in your mouth or throat as much, unlike bleaches.

You have to make a choice if you want to use a bleaching product like this or make your own. You can either find an over the counter whitening kit and use the bleach; or you can order online teeth whitening kits. If you decide to take all your teeth whitening needs into your own hands, there are some things you have to consider beforehand.

How do they Work?

Does the bleach work? We couldn’t find any studies that proved that these products work better than using bleach by itself. But, one thing is for sure, using any bleach will cause damage over time no matter what strength you use.