CBD Oil for Dogs

Buy the highest quality CBD Oil for Dogs

HolistaPet CBD for dogs is formulated with pure CO2-extracted broad-spectrum CBD oil and hemp seed oil to create a powerful concentration that can benefit your dog in many fantastic ways!


  1. Broad-spectrum CBD + other cannabinoids
  2. Concentrated in a practical dropper bottle
  3. Drips directly into your mouth or water/food
  4. Specially designed for pets
  5. 0% THC = non-psychoactive = NOT “high”
  6. 100% natural ingredients
  7. Organic superfoods + CBD
  8. GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free
  9. Without additives or preservatives
  10. Made in the USA

CBD for dogs


  • 300 mg of CBD for medium-sized pets 20-60 lbs.
  • 10mg of CBD per serving
  • About 30 servings per bottle
  • Bottle size: 15ml / 0.5oz
  • Laboratory test result – 300 mg

Easy to use

The best thing about these CBD oil products is that you can easily administer them to your pets for fast and effective results. Apply the CBD tincture drops directly into your pet’s mouth or add them to their favorite food or snack.

Avant-garde quality

They have the best CBD oil for dogs because it is always 100% non-GMO, organic, and vegan for a clean end product. We believe that all pets deserve only the healthiest, highest quality ingredients in their CBD products to live a happy and vital life!

Stay with them as they guide you through making CBD products from hemp plants, the best dosage for your pet, broad-spectrum CBD products versus full-spectrum CBD products, and more!


To see the recommended dosage for this product, check out our CBD oil for pets dosage chart!

Keep in mind that the dosage of CBD oil for dogs can depend on many different factors, such as:

  • ballast
  • Age
  • diet
  • fatigue
  • Suffer

If your pet is new to CBD oil for dogs, start with a lower dose until they get used to it, then gradually increase.

Consult a veterinarian if you are concerned about how CBD products affect your pet.


If you are looking to buy quality CBD oil for dogs, you may find many different sizes and dosage options, as well as things like broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. They will talk about broadband CBD and full-spectrum CBD later, but now let’s talk about dosage. It may seem unclear at first, but they can teach you how much CBD pet oil you should give your dog!

There are no official FDA recommendations for CBD products. So, if your pet is new to CBD oil for dogs, start with lower doses and then gradually increase until your pet feels comfortable.

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