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March 7, 2016

Tea Profile: Gyokuro

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March is all about the color green! Nature is dressing up in its bright spring green and St Patrick’s Day is also just around the corner!

So it makes only sense to focus our attention on everything green in the tea world.

One of the prized green teas is Gyokuro,  produced near Kyoto, Japan, around the famous tea-growing town of Uji. Literally translated, gyokuro means “pearl (or jade) dew and it is considered of  Japan’s highly revered teas.



Gyokuro is a very high-quality tea that is processed in an unusual way. In early spring, as the first growth ofthe season is about to begin, Gyokuro is shaded under marsh-reed screens or cloth covers for three weeks.

The deprivation of sunlight increases the tea’s chlorophyll content while mellowing and sweetening the flavor of this steamed green tea. Only the precious top leaves are ultimately used in the making of Gyokuro.  Due to the special handling, Gyokuro tea is quite expensive but well worth the extra cost.


The dark green leaves of a Gyokuro brew up pale green with a surprisingly vibrant aroma anda smooth, sweetly vegetal note. This tea is less bitter than many of its green tea cousins.


In order to obtain the best quality, it is recommended to use a water temperature of only 165 degrees and steep the leaves for a minute or less.  To get to the 165 degrees, simply allow the boiling water to cool for about 1-2 minutes before pouring it over the leaves.

A one-of-a-kind taste experience you should not miss!

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