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September 10, 2014

Summer, Earl’s Sevret and Manly Teas

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Summer is Inbound


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Summer is Inbound

As school winds down, graduations celebrate new beginnings for many and we turn towards summer activities parties, travel, etc. it means that Summer is almost upon us.   While many people drink iced teas year round consumption definitely increases in the summer months.  An why not?  Tea is healthy, low in calories, and a good hydration source.  Iced tea is easy to prepare and a great way to liven up any gathering.  In other summer news:

  • Father’s Day is June 16th – Check out the manly tea list below for inspiration!
  • We rolled out our new summer tea selection at the start of April with some great new tastes to try.
  • We will be closed Monday, May 26th in observance of Memorial Day
  • While you’re online take a moment to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We post our specials, links to interesting articles, health news and more.


The Secret of Earl Grey

What sounds like the title of a suspense novel, is the story about the beginnings of a tea which can be considered one of the most popular among traditional black teas.

While there are numerous opinions about when and how this tea blend was created, they all center on a political figure of the 18th century – Earl Grey.  Earl Grey, the person, was born Charles Grey II in England in 1764. He spent most of his life in politics and in 1830, became Prime Minister of Britain.

One of the versions of how Earl Grey tea got its name tells that during his political career, the Earl was very taken with a diplomatic gift he received – a chest of flavored black tea. He liked the tea so much that he asked British tea merchant Richard Twining to match the flavor of this mysterious tea. Twining created a blend of Indian and Ceylon black tea and added a bit of smoky Chinese Lapsang Souchong. He also used a special and rare ingredient which lent this tea its unique citrus fragrance and flavor. Since Twining blended the tea especially for the Earl, it was only fitting to name it after him – Earl Grey!

More recently, Earl Grey tea has made a number of appearances in movies: It is the favorite tea of Captain Picard of Star Trek, The Next Generation. If you are familiar with Dan Brown’s book “The Davinci Code”, you know that one of his characters, Sir Leigh Teabing, also liked his cup of Earl Grey!

The secret of Earl Grey – the tea that is, – Keep reading in our blog


Top 10 manly Teas

While in many of the world’s cultures tea is consumed by men, in the United States, many men’s tea consumption is limited to ice tea at their favorite Mexican restaurant.

I must admit that I used to be non-tea drinker.  However, after three years in Japan and my experiences with the varieties of teas from around the world, I have a new view of tea.

In convincing non-tea drinking men to try tea I have compiled a list of those teas that seem to appeal to them.  This list is known as the “Manly Tea list”.

  1. Lapsong Souchong – This black tea has a smoky campfire-like flavor from the drying process.   Think single malt scotch or a fine cigar
  2. Green Menthos –  a mild green tea flavored with mint.  It is refreshing hot or cold and requires no sugar.  A great introduction to green teas
  3. Gen Mai Cha – a Japanese blend of green tea with toasted rice kernels.  It has a great full body and served as a coffee substitute for me while living in Japan
  4. Earl Grey – 3 words – Jean Luc Picard
  5. Gunpowder – A great way to try a straight green tea, named for its tightly rolled leaf.  Plus what manly man wouldn’t like something with the word “gun” in it!
  6. Mount Everest Breakfast – A black tea with Assam and Keemun – easier to drink then to climb it!
  7. Pu-Erh mini-Touchas – this tea comes in cake form.  It has an earthy smell, medium body, and a unique taste.  Not for the faint of heart!
  8. Morning After – detoxifying herbal blend with a touch of mint.  Cleanse and sooth your system after poker night!
  9. Tiramasu Marscapone – Ok, I know this does not sound manly but this Rooibos makes a great finish after a meal, it has no calories, caffeine and won’t add to your waistline
  10. Vithanakanda – A Sri Lankan tea that goes great with milk and sugar.  Dark in the cup like coffee… No one will know you have switched!  A stealth tea!

So, be a man and give tea a try!

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