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July 13, 2013

Independents, Iced Tea, Tea news

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It’s almost Independence Day and that means it is time for Independent’s Week (June 30th – July 7th), now a national event celebrating unique, local businesses everywhere.  In Arizona, many local businesses offer special deals during this week.  Souvia is no exception.  Enjoy 20% off of your purchase during Independent’s week with your Golden Ticket.

So, pledge to support the local businesses that make our communities unique.


Coming up in July:


  • Take advantage of Independent’s Week online – use code Gold2013 for 20% off.
  • Our featured herb this month is lavender, so stop in to find out how to make a natural hand sanitizer!
  • We will be closed July 4th in observance of Independence day!


Iced Tea

June is National Iced Tea Month – and for a good reason! Triple digits for weeks and no end in sight! This is the time when we are all looking to find ways to stay cool and hydrated. What better way to accomplish this than poolside sipping iced tea!


Iced tea made from loose tea leaves is simpler than ever and may even have higher levels of antioxidants than bottled teas (a recent UCLA study found “no measurable catechins (an antioxidant) content at all” in two popular mass market bottled iced teas.   In addition, when you make the tea you control the sweetness and the freshness.


To make iced tea from loose tea, all you need is a pitcher, tea filters (“t-sac”) and, of course, a tea of your choice.  At Souvia®, we recommend two ways to make iced tea: the hot method and the cold method.  In both recipes you’ll need 1 teaspoon (about 2 grams) of loose tea for every 6 ounces of water.  To make 2 quarts you will need just over 10 teaspoons of tea.

  1. Cold brewing method– using room temperature water in a pitcher or our easy to use Iced Tea Maker, add the right amount of your selected tea.  Fill the container with water and allow to steep 2-8 hours (overnight works fine). 
  1. Hot Brewing method – bring water to the temperature appropriate for the tea you have selected (boiling is fine for black and Rooibos but allow the water to cool 1 minute for green tea brews).  Steep as directed by your tea.  Remove the leaves promptly and allow cooling. Enjoy over ice!

Many teas and herbals are great iced. Nilgiri from India is one of the best iced black teas, if you are a purist, and Rooibos (caffeine free) is rich in minerals and, therefore a great way to replenish electrolytes. Rooibos is also very low in tannin, which gives it a smooth flavor that especially children like. To add a little variety, try some of our special summer flavors like Lemon Soufflé, Cranberry Peach, Tropical Sunset or our June Special – Honey Do – a fruit blend with melon flavor”!


Regardless which tea, tools and technique you choose, preparing your own iced tea has never been easier.  More and more studies indicate that tea is a healthy drink and iced tea is a great way to enjoy tea.

Read the 4 steps on our blog

News from around the Tea World….

Some highlights in the news –


Sun Teas Tasty – but Risky – there is no need to stick your tea outside to brew, it will brew just fine in the fridge


Tea? There’s app for that – Tea 2.0 is a cool little app that has been updated with a ton of great info for the tea geek in all of us


Don’t Drink Bottled Green Tea for Antioxidants – another story on  why brewing fresh is best if you are looking for health benefits from tea


Coffee Vs. Tea?  No need to choose but this is an interesting infographic on some of the differences




Thanks for Reading…

Thanks for reading this month.  Our tea loves to travel –  Take Souvia Teas on vacation and send us a picture!   A picture of a bag of tea, travel mug, etc. will work.   Everyone who posts a picture of our teas on Facebook or Twitter (@souviatea) while on vacationgets 50g of any of or fruit flavored tea.   The best picture will get a $25 Souvia Gift card!   Runs through August 1st.

We hope you’ll visit us in the store, at one of our partners or online soon.  If you can’t get in, remember… we ship orders over $50 for free the same day and your tea will arrive quickly!



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