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June 3, 2016

June is National Iced Tea Month!

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Souvia in Mexico


As the thermometer  reaches triple digits, a nice glass of iced tea can certainly bring some refreshing relief!

Did you know that 80 per cent of all tea consumed in the United States is indeed Iced Tea?


We would have missed out on this refreshing beverage, had it not been for a hot summer day in 1904. It was the year of the St. Louis’ World Fair, where tea merchant Richard Blechynden offered free samples of Indian black teas which had up until then been relatively unknown in the U.S.. With temperatures soaring, he did not have much luck since the last thing people wanted was a cup of hot tea! Realizing that a cool, refreshing beverage would probably find more interest, he filled glasses with ice, poured the tea over them – and iced tea was born.

Today, iced teas are no longer made with teas from the Indian Assam valley or the Darjeeling district which Mr. Blechynden tried to market at the World Fair. Instead, the iced tea and bottled tea industry procures a lower quality tea from Argentina and often sweetens the teas, adding unwanted calories.

To get the best quality, make your own iced tea, using loose leaf tea. The teas have so much flavor that you won’t need to add any sugar and the quality will convince you too!

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