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December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

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Tea’s the Season……..

From our Souvia family to yours

Best Wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season!

‘Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.’ 

Thich Nat Hahn



December 18, 2012

Souvia Downtown at Downton……

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I don’t know if you have gotten swept by the Downton Abbey Mania, a British TV series that chronicles the life of an aristocratic family at the turn of the twentieth century, but the shows main elements of love, scandal ….and of course tea….have me spellbound!

When channel eight, the station that airs Downton invited me to be talk about tea at Downton, the topic that came to mind was social rank!

Did you know that during the time of Downton, tea – especially the type of tea – identified whether you were a member of the upper, or working class.

The upper class, with their fine palates, gravitated to the fine Orange Pekoes from Ceylon and drank them mostly straight up. On occasion one would add a tiny bit of milk or lemon to accentuate the flavor. It was important to add the tea first – therefore these tea drinkers were classified  T.I.F.’s (Tea In First)

The working class, on the other hand drank the darker and cheaper Broken Orange Pekoes that brewed up thick and strong and could use a bit of creaming.  To mellow the tea one would add a hefty portion of milk, usually added before the tea to get a good mixing. This group was called the M.I.F’s (Milk In First)

The Mitfords, an infamous English family used the term M.I.F. to describe unsuitable potential suitors – those of a lower breeding. The term can still be heard today in reference to an individual of lower social status.

M.I.F or T.I.F -  I think important is not how you drink your tea, but that you appreciate and enjoy every sip!





December 14, 2012

Make Mine An Earl Grey Martini !

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Now since we found out that green tea can help us keeping our waistline from expanding too much over the holidays, why not find other ways to sneak in a little of that EGCG into our recipes.

This Pink Earl Grey Martini recipe is guaranteed  to be yours and your guests’ cup of tea!

For one martini, take 2 1/2  oz strongly brewed Pink Earl Grey (a Souvia favorite and a variation on the traditional black Earl Grey!)

2 oz gin

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1tsp sugar


In a cocktail shaker filled halfway with ice, add the brewed Pink Earl Grey, gin, lemon juice and sugar. Shake well, strain into a martini glass and serve!

December 10, 2012

Drink Green Tea…..And Have Another Cookie!

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Want to have that extra cookie or another slice of pumpkin pie? Make sure you wash it down with a cup of green tea.

Recent studies have once again supported the effectiveness of green tea for weight loss. It is the catechin EGCG that has been shown to simultaneously increase metabolism and stimulate fat oxidation. Some research suggests that EGCG helps the liver break down complex  materials wihtich in turn leads to this oxidation of fat.

Studies also point to the very strong possibility that taking green tea for weight loss can even help the body inhibit the development of fat cells.

This does not mean you have to drink gallons of green tea every day. According to Dr. Mercola, green tea for weight loss is most effective when consumed during the first two hours after a meal.

So don’t hold back on that second helping of ham or apple pie – just make sure you finish the meal with some good green tea from Souvia!

Happy Holidays


December 3, 2012

Can’t remember what’s on your holiday shopping list……?

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Time for a few cups of Ginko Biloba, I ‘d say!

Ginko has been well studied and the results are impressive – need to boost your memory – reach for Ginko. In fact research studies have shown that Ginko may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

It works about as well as standard pharmaceutical treatments. The secret to Ginko’s efficacy is that it increases blood flow. As blood flow  to the brain improves, so do memory and mental functioning.

The improved blood flow also benefits the heart and may help prevent heart attacks by reducing the risk of internal blood clots.

Maybe if Santa had switched the hot chocolate for Ginko tea, he might not have to check that list of his twice:-)!

Happy Holidays!



December 2, 2012

Tea Bag or Not Tea Bag

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…..that is the Question

I am not sure Shakespeare would like this adaptation of his famous Hamlet quote, but it perfectly addresses the question of which is the better way to brew the ‘perfect cup of tea’.

Before I dive into examining the pros and cons of this small bag, I’d like to give you a little background on how it came to be: While loose leaf tea had been enjoyed all over the world for hundreds, even thousands of years, it was here in America, where a tea merchant by the name of Thomas Sullivan produced small hand-sewn silk bag in order to sent tea samples to his customers. His customer loved the convenience and efficiency of this little bag and ordered more. They rest, as they say…is history!

Today, with the renaissance of loose leaf tea in this country, many tea drinkers wonder if it is really worth it to give up the familiarity and convenience of the tea bag to venture out into the lesser known world of loose leaf teas. In order to help you make the case for teabags or loose tea, here is a summary of tea bag pros and cons:


Advantages of the Tea Bag

  1. the      quantity of tea is already measured       and it is easy to brew just one cup of tea
  2. steeping      is easy and so is the removal of the bag afterwards
  3. altogether      it is quick and convenient


Disadvantages of the Tea Bag

  1. the      selection of teas is more limited than among loose teas
  2. the      tea bag does not allow enough room for the tea to brew properly
  3. almost      all tea bags contain small particles (fannings or dust) which lack

in flavor and are certainly no match to whole leaf teas when it comes to

health benefits.


Loose tea on the other hand offers the customer an almost endless choice of tea varietals and the quality can be determined by examining the leaf appearance – dry and infused. Loose tea tends to be better and fuller in flavor and many loose teas, especially Oolongs, can be steeped multiple times. While it seems like a little more effort, to measure the right amount of tea and use an infuser, it is these rituals that add to the tea experience and allow you to fully appreciate the end result. There are many tools to match the convenience of tea bags without the compromise of quality or taste.


Now, if you are still clutching that tea bag in your hand, hesitant to part with old habits, I encourage you to come and visit us at Souvia and give loose leaf tea a try!