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July 29, 2011

Sencha Pina Colada – A Tropical Vacation in a Cup!

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Sencha Pina Colada, one of our popular iced tea blends with a refreshing taste of coconut and pineapple was recently reviewed by the Sororitea Sisters.

Here is what they had to say:

Taster’s Review:

Even though I’m not much of a drinker of alcohol, I’ve quite enjoyed many of the classic cocktail flavored teas – like this one.

The Sencha base tastes refreshingly light and crisp.  This is a very smooth tasting Sencha.  There is not a strong grassy or vegetal taste to this one.  It is not bitter, but there is a little bit of astringency toward the tail end of the sip.  The astringency is dry and clears the palate nicely so that I can enjoy the sweet aftertaste of pineapple and coconut.

Even though the tea base is remarkably light, the flavors are still well-defined.  The pineapple is sweet and tangy and the coconut is creamy.  There is even a hint of rum to this cup.  The flavors are very unified… I not tasting one particular note trying to overwhelm the others.  In each sip, I can taste the pineapple, the coconut and the rum, as well as the bright flavor of the Sencha tea.  The taste is delicate and very refreshing.

I like this one hot, but, I think its even better iced!

Don’t wait – get your cup today and let us know if you concur with Jennifer and Ann – The Soroitea-Sisters!

July 22, 2011

Exploring Tea in Boulder, Colorado

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Last week, Bret and i took a little trip to Boulder, CO. The weather was beautiful and invited us to do much hiking and biking.

Aside from enjoying the mountains, bike trails and of course good restaurants, we also discovered a nice little tea house in the heart of Boulder.  Right off Pearl Street, the center of town, on 13th Street is , KuCha, a traditional Chinese tea room offering a variety of premium loose leaf teas and a nice quiet setting to enjoy these.

Just like Souvia, the KuCha tea house focuses on educating its customers with classes and tea tastings.  During our visit, we had the pleasure to experience a wonderful gong fu style tasting, skillfully presented by Matt, one of the tea consultants at the tea room. Matt prepared a Tung Ting which, even after the 6th steeping, had not lost its rich flavor and floral note.

Matt then showed us some of the special and rare teas KuCha offers and we ended up with a purchase of Meng Ding Yu Lu.  Harvested from the top of Meng Shan in Sichuan Province, this tea  was one of the earliest tribute teas dating back to the Tang Dynasty (9th century).

Since the owner is Chinese, you will find not only exquisite Chinese teas, but also some interesting, traditional tea ware.

If you are a tea lover and visiting Boulder, don’t forget to visit KuCha…..and say Hi to Matt from us!



July 5, 2011

A Special Find – “Jukrocha”

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Every year, at the World Tea Expo, we taste hundreds of teas in search of unique, rare and exceptional varieties, from new and upcoming tea gardens to ancient and hidden treasures of the traditional tea growing regions.

This year I was lucky to find several outstanding samples – one of which was a green tea from Korea.

Korean tea has a 1200 history and culture. Major tea growing regions are Hadong, Boseong province and Jeju island. Hadong teas are known for their superior taste, quality and traditional  pan-firing manufacture.

Jarocha is the best premium, handmade Korean tea from Hadong province. It is well known as the king’s green tea. Tea master ChoTae-Yeon produces this tea which has deep layered flavors and an incredibly smooth finish.

I fell in love with this tea at the first “sip”! While it is rich and full, there are no vegetal notes nor any astringency. It is sweet-tasting and lingers pleasantly, leaving you thirsty for another cup.

The leaves are tightly twisted and and can easily be steeped multiple times. I found even the fourth steeping still produced a satisfying cup.

Importing this tea directly from the tea garden in Korea, we will be able to offer you this one-of-a kind green tea soon at SOUVIA!