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October 14, 2010

Opinions, Chai, and Health News

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Your Opinion matters

We are knee-deep in the election season and it’s time for you to express your preferences again.  No, I am not talking about voting – Souvia is partnering with ASU’s WP Carey School of Business on a survey about tea and customer service in Arizona. We know you are all busy so the survey will be short and sweet.  Why Sweet? By filling out the survey you will be entered to win cool prizes like a Smartkettle, Souvia Logo Merchandise, or gift cards.


Here are some more highlights s more of what’s coming:

  • VOTE for us for Best in the Valley from AZ Foothills Magazine – Just like Illinois you can vote more than once and it only takes a moment!
  • Trick or Tea returns for a limited time – Green Rooibos and Black Cats!
  • Hot Tamale and Bamboo Pomegranate will be available on October 1st
  • It is almost time for the Local First Arizona Festival – we’ll be there, of course and it’s a lot of fun!


Remember to keep your eye out for the survey…  Thank you!

Chai – Spiced Tea from Asia

Masala CahiWhile not quite noticeable here in Phoenix, fall has officially arrived. It has always been my favorite time of year with the brisk morning air, the changing colors of leaves and the overall slowing pace of life. Fall also brings the taste of warming spices such as cinnamon, clove and ginger which find their way into many foods and drinks. It is the time for apple pie, ginger snap cookies and a cup of Chai.


During the past decade, Chai drinks have taken the United States by storm, and there are many blends and recipes available on the market today.  Generally, if you order a Chai here, you will be indulged in a cup of spiced black tea, with or without milk – in India, however, you will simply get a cup of black tea.

The reason is that in India as well as many Eastern European countries, “Chai” is the word for “tea”. It is derived from the Mandarin word “Cha”, also describing tea, which is still used in Japan and China today. While in India, people refer to all tea as Chai, in the Southern part of the country, a cup of chai is prepared in the British style, with sugar and milk. In the Northern part, however, people like their tea flavored with spices and call it “Masala Chai”.

Legend tells us that it was the chef to the royal king of India who first created this tea by scenting it with exotic spices from his kitchen like nutmeg, cloves and cardamom. The king, entranced by the unique and wonderful taste announced that this drink would from now on only be served in his court and he forbade the chef to divulge the ingredients to anyone. Long after the king’s death, however, the recipe filtered down from the royal family to aristocracy and then to the masses, with each group adding and deleting spices to their taste, including cinnamon, pepper, fennel and more.  Today, the combination and amount of spices varies…  continued in our blog




Some Tea and Health News

While we enjoy tea primarily for its taste, it’s good to know that you get some nice side benefits when you enjoy a cup of tea.  Here are some recent updates –

The tea and health arena is very dynamic.  It’s why we shy away from health claims and focus on teas that taste good.  If you enjoy drinking tea, it will be much easier to drink enough to gain any health benefits.  As we always say, “find teas you like and make them part of your diet, don’t focus on the color of the tea”

Thanks for Reading…

Thanks for reading this month.  Tea is called different things in different cultures and regions.  Can you name another word for tea? Send your answers to .    I will draw 3 winners this month for “The Book of Chai”.


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