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June 17, 2010

Vegas, Flushes and Dads

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World Tea Expo


We are back from the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas.  This event is attended by thousands of buyers and scores of vendors.  There are classes, workshops, tastings, and demonstrations over the 3 days of the main event.  It is our 5th year attending this show and it always proves to be enlightening and entertaining.  



Some Highlights:

  • Several cool new products including a new digital kettle and Iced tea Maker – Look for these soon in the store and online
  • Some great updates on tea and health – the news continues to be good, we will share in upcoming classes and blog entries
  • Lots of TEAS (naturally) – we discovered some new teas including a New Zealand Oolong and several great flavors – we have over 60 samples inbound to taste

it is always great to catch up with the latest teas, trends and tools.  Can’t wait to share them!


Darjeeling and the “Flushes”

Gopaldara first flush DarjeelingDarjeeling is a very traditional and popular black tea, often served in the afternoon as it tends to be lighter in aroma and flavor. Among tea aficionados, it is known as the “Champagne” of Indian teas.


What makes Darjeeling teas so extraordinary is the terrain in which they are grown. Eighty four tea estates grow tea in high altitudes ranging from 3000 to 7000 feet. The cool climate, the rich, fertile and well drained soil as well as the pristine mountain air create a tea with a lighter color and body and a brisk, more concentrated flavor.


Darjeeling produces on average 22 million pounds of tea per year, all of which is plucked by hand and carefully processed in the three-story tea factories under the supervision of highly skilled tea masters.


Darjeeling teas are plucked at specific times during the nine months growing season and each plucking reveals its own unique character in the cup. The term Flush refers to the new growth on a tea plant with delicate, slender shoots that have a grey-green appearance and yield an infusion that is considered one of the finest teas in the world.


The first flush takes place from March to mid-April and produces a very fresh-tasting, less astringent Darjeeling with subtle floral notes. This sought after tea is limited in quantity and can yield high prices depending on estate of origin and quality. First Flush Darjeeling teas are to the tea connoisseur what Beaujolais Nouveau is to the wine aficionado!


The second flush is currently being harvested (May-June) and produces a flavor that is richer than the early spring tea and often has notes of honey and fruit.


The last harvest for the year takes place in October often called the autumnal flush. The tea still has the typical Darjeeling character but differs in color and aroma. The more mature leaves produce a darker, amber color in the cup and the flavor is smoother and more full-bodied than the spring and summer teas.


Every spring, we taste between 30 and 50 samples to find the best Darjeeling for our customers. This year, we chose a first flush from the well known Gopaldhara estate. This 320 hectare estate is one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeling and most of the tea grows at elevations between 5000 and 7000 feet. 


If you are curious about this new tea and would like to sample it, visit us at the store throughout the month of June, where we have complimentary First Flush Tastings every Friday and Saturday in June.

Independents and Dads








 Two cool things coming up –

  • Sunday June 20th is Father’s Day – We created a great gift for the Dad’s in your life.  We selected 6 teas from our Manly Tea List and put them in a handsome wooden box at a special price – teas are a great,personal gift that will make Dad glad
  • Independent’s week is June 28th-July 8th.  Take the pledge to support local businesses that week.  It keeps our communities unique and healthy.  To make it easier – Over 114 Local Arizona Businesses are offering 20% off during this week.  All you need is your Golden Ticket.  this is a great time to explore new places and discover the hidden gems all arounds us. 
  • Of course, Souvia Tea is participating, if you can’t get into the store you may use the code Golden2010 from june 28th until July 8th for the same 20% discount.

Thanks for Reading…

Lots of interest in our Iced Tea Question last month.  This month we are offering 3 Free Yoga Classes at Yoga Pura here near our Phoenix Location.  A geography question this month? Which is furthest North – The BP Platform in the Gulf of Mexico or the Tea fields in Darjeeling, India.  Send your answers to .  We had 3 winners last month for the 100g of tea.  I will draw 3 winners this month…


We hope you’ll visit us in the store, at one of our partners or online soon.  If you can’t get in, remember… we ship same day and your tea will arrive quickly!



June 11, 2010

New Product: The Manly Tea Sampler

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We’ve created a cool gift from our Manly tea list.  Manly Tea Sampler

Perfect for Father’s Day or anytime you need a classy, personal gift for Dad.

Elegant Wooden gift box includes 6 tins filled with 6 teas from the Manly List –
1.     Lapsong Souchong – This black tea has a smoky campfire-like flavor from the drying  
        process.   Think single malt scotch or a fine cigar

2.     Gen Mai Cha – a Japanese blend of green tea with toasted rice kernels.  It has a great full
        body and served as a coffee substitute for me while living in Japan

3.     Kukicha Toasted – made from the stalks of tea plant, is nearly caffeine free but rich like
        coffee. It has a strong, sweet, slightly chocolate-like flavor.

4.     Gunpowder – A great way to try a straight green tea, named for its tightly rolled leaf.  Plus
        what manly man wouldn’t like something with the word “gun” in it!

5.     Tiramasu Marscapone – Ok, I know this does not sound manly but this Rooibos makes a
        great finish after a meal, it has no calories, caffeine and won’t add to your waistline

6.     China Breakfast – No milk or sugar needed in the great blend of Chinese black teas.  A great
        morning cup!  Organic and Fair Trade

June 9, 2010

World Tea Expo 2010

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WTE 2010


It’s that time again, when Bret and I are headed to the biggest tea event  of the year – The World Tea Expo! This trade show is the premier business-to-business event with a focus on specialty tea. For three days, we get to explore new trends, find out how we can optimize and expand our product line, network with others in the industry and of course……sample lots of wonderful teas.

Aside from the commercial aspect, the Tea Expo offers an educational conference whith seminars, panel discussions and workshops. This year alone, there will be 55 individual sessions.

  •  You can participate in focused tea tastings and learn about regional differences in flavor and aroma. There’ll be teas      from China, Africa, Japan, Taiwan – and even Hawaii!
  • The lectures provide information on the latest research on tea and health, decaffination processes, how to source quality teas and herbals, and how to put together a successful tea tasting. 
  • Workshops are hands-on and participants can learn everything from tea blending techniques to  how tea can be paired with food and desserts or used as a ingredient in cooking.

You can be sure that we are signed up for several of these sessions and will return with new product, new ideas and new information on all things tea related.

If you don’t want to wait until we get back, you can accompany us on our adventures by checking our blog where we will post updates and photos daily.

See you soon!

Kerstin and Bret