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May 29, 2010

Loose Your Weight And Not Your Mind

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tip the scale in your favor 

Are you frustrated because you cannot lose those last 5 pounds, or have you always wondered why others can eat what they want and stay slim and trim, while the slightest deviation from your diet tips the scale…and not in your favor?

On Saturday, June 5th from

 10AM until noon, Dr. Andrea Weiner, NMD,

 will explain that there is much more to weight loss than meets the eye and mouth!

Resolution and willpower may not necessarily enough to achieve the desired goal. During a 2-hour Q&A session, Dr. Weiner will address individual weight loss questions and shed some light into

-  why it is so difficult to break old/bad habits

                                                                                           -  what genetics have to do with losing those last 5 pounds

                                                                                           -   what happens after the estrogen rush

This session is a complimentary event and part of Souvia’s educational Saturday Forums. Stop in, have a cup of tea and find out how you can lose those pounds while keeping your piece of mind.

May 23, 2010

Summer Menu Update

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We have just updated our tea menu – You’ll find several new additions

Our 2010 First Flush Darjeeling will arrive next Month – we tasted a variety of samples with a group of customers and Picked a Gopalhara Estate

We’ll add an Organic Green Nilgiri FOP in July – This is an Indian green tea reminiscent of a Dragonwell – A nice addition

Tropical Sunset Returns in June – This black tea has notes of South Sea fruits.

A Souvia Exclusive Blend Pear Helene arrives in June – A Green Tea based blend with hints of pear.

A summer bestseller – Sencha Pina Colada lets you enjoy the taste of the islands

Another Souvia exclusive is Quiet Mind a caffeine free blend with lavender and coconut notes.  Look for it in July.

IMG_1528_199_149The Powerful Adaptogen Organic Astragulus joins our growing line up of loose herbals.





We say goodbye to

Mousse au Chocolat
Lemon Drop

They are available until June 30th or when they run out.

May 20, 2010

Jiaogulan – The Herb of Immortality

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This is a bold statement and while I have my doubts that Jiaogulan will make you immortal, it is certainly among the herbs that help build up your body’s resistance to external physical and mental stress and thereby reducing the risk of certain diseases.

Jiaogulan is native to China and is commonly used in “Traditional Chinese Medicine” (TCM) prescriptions as an herb that restores energy, helps strengthen the immune system, is rich in antioxidants  and promotes overall well-being.   

People in the mountainous regions of Southern China take Jiaogulan as a tea before work to increase endurance and strength and at night to alleviate fatigue. Jiaogulan, like all adaptogenic herbs, can energize or calm the system depending on need, while also regulating hormonal function in men and women.

 Modern research seems to support what the ancient healers knew intuitively and specific studies show that Jiaogulan:

 -                      assists in the regulation of serum cholesterol

-                      helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels

-                      strengthens digestion and improves the absorption of nutrients

-                      enhances cardiovascular function, increasing strength and endurance

-                      supports the immune system

-                      has antioxidants that help protect against free radical damage

 Not only does Jiaogulan offer a wealth of health-giving benefits, the leaves also produce a sweet-tasting tea that can easily be savored at any time of the day.

If you would like to learn more about Jiaogulan and other adaptogenic herbs and make your own herbal tincture, it is still time to sign up for our herbal class,” Adaptogens – Nature’s Stressbusters” on Monday, May 24th at 6:30PM at Souvia.


May 14, 2010

Herbs for the Heart and Iced Tea

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Current Events


Herb for the Heart


Ask Souvia



 Huang Shan Mountain

 Yellow Tea will be in

the store and online in






Ever popular Key Lime Pie

is on the shelf





 Jiaogulan is an adaptogen

also know as “the herb of





Souvia Tea now available at:


East main Street Cafe – Mesa


Water Mart in Scottsdale


 More to come…







Current Events

May 1st was National Herb Day so we are continuing that theme this month.  Herbals can be brewed to be great tasting, provide therapeutic effects or made into tinctures.

  • In case you missed it, you can see a very quick demo of how to make an herbal tincture on Sonoran Living.
  • John Vousden is back! Hear the wonderful sounds of his classical guitar and enjoy 2-for-1 pots of tea during our Friday Healthy Hour from 4pm-6pm. 
  • The popular Souvia Saturday Forums continue on June 5th with Dr. Andrea Weiner – “Lose weight without losing your mind.”  These sessions are informal and allow for Q&A – 10am to Noon.
  • There are still seats left for our class – “Adaptogens: Nature’s Stress Busters”  on Monday May 24th.
  • Key Lime Pie is BACK!  Pear Helene and Sencha Pina Colada will return in June

Kerstin’s Herbal Corner: Hawthorn

Organic Hawthorn


Latin Name: Crataegus oxycanthoides


Parts used: Leaves, Flowers, Berries


Contra-indications: According the European Commission E, there are no known contraindications. It is however recommended that children and pregnant women don’t take Hawthorn.


Drug interactions: Hawthorn may increase the effects of the heart drug “digoxin”. Consult with a healthcare professional before combining Hawthorn with any heart medication.


Hawthorn, also called Mayflower, is a small to medium-sized tree with umbrella-shaped clusters of white or pink flowers and dark shiny green leaves. In Europe, Hawthorn has been know for centuries as a heart tonic and is nowadays widely used as a treatment for heart disease.


Hawthorn preparations are the among the  most popularly prescribed botanical medicines in central Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but has also gained in poplularity here in the U.S.

Hawthorn is used to treat heart irregularity and palpitations, atherosclerosis, angina as well as hypertension and nervousness. It is also used to support and strengthen the heart. Among herbalists, it is recommended as a tonic to steady the heartbeat, increase blood flow to the heart muscle and to strengthen the blood vessels.


Dosage: For an infusion take 2 tsp of leaves/fruit per cup of boiling water and steep for 10-15 minutes, depending on the desired strength. Drink up to 2 cups daily. Alternatively, it can be taken in tincture form; take 30-40 drops in a small glass of water or juice twice daily.


As with all herbal supplements, always check with a professional health care provider before taking Hawthorn medicinally.


Ask Souvia: Iced Tea

What is the best way to make iced tea using loose leaves?


There are different methods to make Iced Tea. You can either:

  1. prepare the teas hot and allow to cool
  2. make hot but a bit stronger, and pour directly over ice like we do in the store, or
  3. cold steep them

For iced tea in a hurry, brew your tea hot but make it stronger. If you are using a device like a tea magic, use 50% more tea than normal for the amount of water (3 teaspoons in a tea magic). After steeping, pour it directly over a large glass of ice. Enjoy!


For best results for large quantities, Souvia recommends the cold brewing method for most teas. Cold brewing is a much slower, gentler process which results in a smooth, more subtle taste, and a delivers clear liquor as fewer tannins are released in cold water.


Brewing instructions to make a gallon of iced tea using the “cold steep” method.


Place approximately 20 teaspoons of loose leaves in a strainer, T-sac or directly into a container and add cold, filtered water.  Let tea steep in the refrigerator for up to eight hours. Remove the leaves and enjoy! Use a T-Sac or similar device to make this easy.

While almost all loose tea can be used to brew iced tea, black teas, flavored green teas,  and Rooibos work particularly well.

I love drinking Iced Tea in the Summer and I recently purchased an Iced Tea Maker. Is it OK to use loose tea in a brewer?

Souvia has tested an Iced Tea Maker and found that it does work just fine with the loose tea. Some things to keep in mind:


The temperature coming out of most Makers is about 185-190 degrees. Black Teas, Rooibos, and Herbals should brew up just fine.  Flavored Green Teas should be OK, as well.  Using the Iced Tea Maker for Straight Green, White and some oolongs is not recommended due to the temperature and steeping time. Use 10 Teaspoons for a 2 Quart Machine and 15 for a 3 Quart


Bottom line these devices are convenient and produce nice tasting Iced Tea.

I heard that cold steeping tea does not provide the amount of antioxidants as hot steeping. True?

This is somewhat of an urban legend and is not true. Prevention Magazine recently published a study that measured the levels on antioxidants in hot-steeped vs. cold-steeped and found no significant difference. So, cold steep your teas without fear!  One other interesting finding:  ready to drink teas lost a lot of antioxidants in their processing.

Thanks for Reading

Wow! We had over 100 responses to last month’s question on detoxifying herbs.  Win 100g of your choice of flavored black, green or rooibos for answering the following question – Where was iced tea first introduced to the public?   Send your answers to  We had 3 winners last month for the Gift Cards.  I will draw 3 winners this month…


We hope you’ll visit us in the store, at one of our partners or online soon.  If you can’t get in, remember… we ship same day and your tea will arrive quickly!



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  • May 6, 2010


    Filed under: Tea and Health — wbwingert @ 2:11 pm

    dr james moore


    Digestive problems are all too common these days and there seems to be a new drug on the market every month, promising relief from stomach upset, indigestion and heartburn. While allopathic medicine focuses on symptom control, Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a more holistic approach to digestive health, including the intrinsic character of food as well as related emotional or energy problems. Join us on Saturday, May 8th at 1pm  here at Souvia when Dr. Moore will explain:


    •  How herbs  and acupuncture work to promote health and treat Disease, regulate the nervous system and biochemicals.
    • How acupuncture can facilitate good digestion
    • How you can improve digestion through proper nutrition and herbals

     Complete Dr. Moore’s digestive health questionnaire and receive a complimentary analysis.

    May 1, 2010

    Safety Fair in Scottsdale

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    We’re at the Safety Fair in Scottsdale today – We’ll be serving tea but there is lots of cool stuff going on – Think you can text and drive?  Find out why you can’t!  We will be serving Razzleberry, Orange Cream, and Sencha Mango over ice – Bruce Brown Catering is there too!  Music by the Dina Preston Band.

    Visit with the Scottsdale Police, Fire, Health Care & Trauma Center, MADD, SADD, AZ MASK, Shade Foundation of America, Safer Arizona Roads Alliance, Souvia Tea, Community Tire, Desert Design, DEO Entertainment, Pro Lock & Safe, Fire-Master, State Farm Insurance, Major League Conditioning, Sanderson LM, My Web Safety, Showcase Honda, AFDA Foundation for Children, Redflex Traffic Solutions, New York Life, Teen Law School, De Palma’s Team USA Martial Arts, DPS, Arizona Crash Course, Aztec Traffic Services, PVUSD, Arizona Traffic Solutions, PMT Ambulance, Guardian Interlock and Cater Fresh that will provide you with health & safety information and resources. What you learn here could save lives – yours, your family, or your friends.