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January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year Specials

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yixing buddha.jpgMonday starts the Chinese year 4646, the year of the Ox.? We’ll help celebrate by offerign specials on our Yixing pots and Chinese Teas.? Stop in and try some traditional chinese teas in handmade teaware.

January 20, 2009

Even the Britsh come around to good tea

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Silver Needle White TeaFor those of you who have had tea in England you know it is often just a teabag with not particularly great tea in it…? ? It seem sthat the British a slowly embracing good tea.

A recent Time Magazine article says “exquisite infusions were far removed from the bland British teabag — which can contain leaves from up to 60 factory farms. “I realized that Britain was drinking the equivalent of blended whiskey,” recalls Lovell. “We’d never tried the single malt of the tea world.”? ”

? The author goes on to mention Silver Needle which is one of the best white teas out there.? It is prized for its subtle taste and gentle lift.

January 15, 2009

Tea on Trial

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Tea gets questioned by the “police” in this video from the USA Tea Assocation.? Other than the fact there is a tea bag hanging out of the cup, its a pretty good summary of teas healthy properties!



January 12, 2009

New teas

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Ginseng OolongSouvia celebrated its 3rd birthday January 8th with the introduction of two new teas.? GINSENG OOLONG and XIAO HONG PAO join? our offerings of over 140 premium teas and herbals. The Ginseng Oolong combine the antioxidants of a lightly oxidized oolong with the benefits of ginseng which is well known for its gentle stimulation of mind and body. Xiao Hong Pao tea ? (Big Red Robe) is the most famous oolong tea in China. This tea is cultivated from the oldest (over 350 years) and most valuable tea plantation.? ? “The Xiao Hong Pao comes from cuttings of the original Emperor’s plants that now number only five and are protected by law”, says Kerstin Wingert, President and Founder of Souvia® Tea. ? Legend has it that this tea saved the Emperor’s wife from disease and the Emperor clothed the bushes in red robes to show his gratitude.? “At Souvia Tea we strive to bring the highest quality teas together with the most knowledgeable staff for the perfect tea experience. “, Wingert continued.?

January 11, 2009

What we are tasting today

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Beleive it or not we taste 20 new teas per week.? We are currently tasting teas for the Spring and Summer.? Today we tasted:

– A roasted almond – not enough almond taste

– A green tea with orange and passionfruit note – Would make an excellent iced tea

– A lemon grass vanilla herbal blend – had a strong smell and weak taste

– A new black tea blend – Excellent blend of Chinese teas – on the short list


January 8, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to Souvia!

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Souvia turns three today… What started as an idea on a hike is now a toddler!

? Thank you for all your support these last three years.