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May 29, 2008

Souvia Tea on TV Iced Tea

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You can see the lovely Kerstin here again on Good Evening Arizona


May 27, 2008

Watch this Space – World Tea Expo

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starts Friday….? This is the main tea event every year in the US and it is where we find out what’s up in the World of Tea.

? We’ll post relevant info here as it unfolds.

May 22, 2008

Teas just in

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A newcomer called LEmon meringue is on the shelves…It is a blend of white and green teas with a creamy lemon finish

? Midsummer Nights Dream the 2007 Wolrd Tea Expo award winner will be out within a week!

May 16, 2008

Tea Prices

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As I predicted in our February Tea Newsletter, tea prices are on the rise.

Anyone who has traveled outside of the US lately knows that the dollar is weaker against many major currencies.? Since almost all of the tea in the US is imported this can affect prices.? The only saving grace is that ea is currently priced in dollars world wide but this may change or growers will have to raise prices to stay in business…Interestingly, the rising standard of living in China? may put the biggest crimp on tea.? As incomes rise in China, the Chinese are drinking more of the higher quality teas. Compounding the problem is a boom in PuErh consumption both in China and abroad (even Posh Spice is in on it).? since Pu-Erh teas are traditionally made with tea from the Yunnan region, the increased Pu-Erh consumption is decreasing the Yunnan black tea supply.”

This two things are putting pressure on tea prices.? This will have two effects.? One, the better teas from China, such as Yunnan Royal Gold, will see large price changes due to demand.? The second result is that tea prices in general will rise due to the weak dollar.? We will be adjusting pricing in June to reflect.? However, we will not be raising prices for the 100 gram and 250 gram bags except in a very few cases.? This means we are absorbing the increases in all but the 50gram “trial size” of the teas.

We also will be changing our pot of tea pricing.? From June 1, all pots of tea will be $3.99, hot or iced, in store or take away.? We will also be introducing a new line of specialty blends and custom blends.? Those will be sold at $4.99 for a pot.

May 14, 2008

Souvia Tea on Sonoran Living Live

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Souvia Tea was featured in an Iced Tea Segment on Sonoran Living Live on 13 May.? You can see the video on the Sonoran Living site.? Ignore the verbiage about Sun Tea as we did not really talk about that.