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December 11, 2015

Tea: Stimulating yet Calming

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P1014272When people first come to tea, they often arrive from the world of coffee. Many are either trying to avoid caffeine altogether or seek an alternative source for there morning cup. This leads to inevitable questions about tea and caffeine. While I tend to drink tea for taste, the caffeine can be a benefit on early mornings! As this is a topic of interest to many, I always educate myself through reading (remember – Google does not equal research!), obtaining further education through Specialty Tea Institute webinars, the World Tea Expo, and consultations with herbalists and naturopaths.

There is a lot of information on the web, some of it better than others.? A couple of points to keep in mind as you search for answers about tea and caffeine.

All tea contains caffeine

  • How the tea is brewed and the leaves you start with dramatically affect the caffeine in your cup
  • Tea is one of the very few foods that contain L-theanine – an amino acid that can counteract some of the caffeine effects
  • Caffeine in tea tends to be absorbed more slowly than caffeine in coffee

In general, Black Teas have more caffeine in the cup followed by Oolong, Green, then white teas.  This assumes that the teas are brewed properly. For example, leaving white tea leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes will not only make a bitter brew it will also extract a lot of caffeine from the leaves.

L-theanine kicks in 10-20 minutes after consumption.? The net results is a reduction in some of the less pelasnt physiolocial effects of caffeine without a loss of a popular benefit – mental alertness. This is why tea is said to be stimulating yet calming.

So, whether you drink tea for taste, a boosts or both arm yourself with information so that you can make informed choices about tea and caffeine.


March 17, 2013

Summer Tea Menu – See what’s coming!

We are in the proces of bringing in our new summers teas – take a look at the deliclios teas we have foiund for this year.  Some old faves  and some new friends



2013 Spring & Summer Selection


Black Teas/Black Flavored         

                                                                                                                                                               50g            100g    250g


French Breakfast                            a lighter breakfast blend for those spring and           8.99               16.30     37.51

summer mornings. (Darjeeling/Ceylon with Vanilla)

Jasmine Black                                 a rare combination of smooth black teas and            5.99               11.38     26.96

the delicate floral aroma of  jasmine – a must try!

Cranberry Peach                      not just for the holidays! Sweet peaches and tart     5.99               11.38     26.96

cranberries – the perfect summer iced tea blend

Café Latte                                        the perfect transitional tea – true in flavor but         5.99               11.38     26.96

less caffeine

Tropical Sunset                               flavors of mango and passion fruit remind you of   5.99               11.38     26.96

south sea magic


White/Green/Oolong Teas

                                                50g            100g    250g      


Ginseng Green                  a green tea blend with apricot flavor and ginseng root                          5.99       11.38     26.96

Raspberry                         green tea blended with the flavor of ripe raspberries –

sweet and refreshing – wonderful iced!                                    6.99               13.28     31.46

*Chun Mee                        a Chinese green tea called also called “precious eyebrows” 4.99       9.48       22.46

for its crescent shaped leaf. A smooth cup with a vegetal

flavor and a hint of sweetness.


Oriental Beauty                              a classic (organic) oolong with sweet and spicy apricot            15.99     29.99     69.99

                                                                   absolutely delicious!

*White Mango Pear        East meets West in this flavor composition with delicate      8.99               16.30     37.51

                                                     fruit notes. (EU-organic)

Apple/Kiwi                        fresh green apple, juicy lime and ripe kiwi flavors make this               5.99       11.38     26.96

                                             tasty blend that is best enjoyed iced!


Rooibos/Herbal Blends/Fruit Blends

                                                50g            100g    250g      


Peach/Apricot                   harmonious rooibos blend of peach and apricot – great iced!               5.99       11.38     26.96

Very Berry                        smooth rooibos base with rich strawberry flavor                    6.99               13.28     31.46

Candy Land                       just as tasty but much better than candy – kids will love       5.99               11.38     26.96

the sweet flavor of berries and hibiscus

Orange/Vanilla Lapacho              also known as Pau d’Arco, lapacho has many health benefits               4.99       9.48      22.46

combined with orange and creamy vanilla it is not just good for

you, but also a yummy drink hot or iced!

Caribbean Holiday          truly a vacation in a cup – an old favorite that must not be   6.99               13.28     31.46

missing on this year’s menu!


January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year Specials

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yixing buddha.jpgMonday starts the Chinese year 4646, the year of the Ox.? We’ll help celebrate by offerign specials on our Yixing pots and Chinese Teas.? Stop in and try some traditional chinese teas in handmade teaware.

January 20, 2009

Even the Britsh come around to good tea

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Silver Needle White TeaFor those of you who have had tea in England you know it is often just a teabag with not particularly great tea in it…? ? It seem sthat the British a slowly embracing good tea.

A recent Time Magazine article says “exquisite infusions were far removed from the bland British teabag — which can contain leaves from up to 60 factory farms. “I realized that Britain was drinking the equivalent of blended whiskey,” recalls Lovell. “We’d never tried the single malt of the tea world.”? ”

? The author goes on to mention Silver Needle which is one of the best white teas out there.? It is prized for its subtle taste and gentle lift.

February 22, 2008

White, Green or Black and Health

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We get a lot of questions like “what is the helathiest tea?”? We typically recommend people find the teas that they like and drink them regularly.? 4-6 cups per day? is recommended to get the maximum helath benefits.? ? The is a recent article on whcih provides a nice summary of health benefits by “color” of tea.

? Some quotes from that article include:

? “Most people don’t drink enough to get the kinds of results seen in research studies”

“like its greener kin, black tea contains antioxidants”

“To get the most of tea’s benefits, drink it freshly brewed, rather than bottled. Let tea steep for a few minutes to release the catechins”

It is a nice read and supports the consensus that all teas are good for you in different ways.? It is great to have something that tastes good AND is good for you!

August 24, 2007

Souvia on ABC15 SmartShopper

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The segment on loose tea vs. tea bags aired last evening.? We talked about white tea and looked inside a teabag.? ? Take a look at the video on the ABC15 site.

June 30, 2007

Red, White, and Blue Teas

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Both Souvia locations will be closed July 4th in honor of Independence Day.?

However, July 2-7th we’ll be featuring our Red, White, and Blue Teas at 20% off.

Enjoy a safe 4th of July Holiday….

June 12, 2007

World Tea Expo Level III Certification Day 1

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mens room.bmpWe tasted a *lot* of teas today focusing on the Sri Lankan (Ceylon) and Indian teas.? ? The Level III certification includes history, geography and chemistry.? In fact, the Sri Lanakn presentor is a chemist who drew wonderful diagram of not only the processing equipment but alsom explained the chemistry behind teas taste!? We tasted Assams, Darjeelings, Nilgiris and even a White Tea comparable to silver needle.? Amazing

gail takes notes.bmpWe all took lots of notes on the material presented

? kerstin analyzes the tea.bmpEvery cup is meticuously analyzed as we expand our palates!

? Will try to post more tomorrow!






May 23, 2007

Tea ‘healthier’ drink than water?

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BBC NewsGreat article today on the BBC website of a study on tea.? It is a concise summary of tea’s benefits.? I guess we should say that a couple of cups a day helps keep the doctor and dentist away!

January 1, 2006

Welcome to the Souvia Tea Blog!

We’ll use this section of the site to post information we discover about, tea and tea ware.? We will also archive past newsletters and questions.


Bret Wingert, Souvia