Tarot reading is a form of divination that uses specially designed cards with symbols and markings around the edges to illustrate the possible future, present or past events. The term “tarot” probably comes from the city of Taro in southern Italy where elaborate boards were first constructed for playing a game called Triumphs and thus, they became the best tarot reading.

The popularity of tarot cards has spread far and wide since they were introduced to Europe in 1439, with many variants being developed over time. The originators of these cards are unknown but it is believed that they predate playing cards by hundreds if not thousands of years. Tarot readings have continued to be popular worldwide for their simplicity and accessibility as well as their ability to give insights into people’s everyday lives.

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Your Tarot Reading

Before you begin your tarot reading, you should make yourself comfortable on a soft and comfortable chair with a straight back. Do not sit in an awkward position, whether it is slouching or leaning back on the head rest. Next, light scented candles should be used as they will create an ambiance and atmosphere conducive to your tarot reading session. You may choose to have another person sitting with you if you are doing the reading by yourself. Otherwise, you may choose to perform the reading solo without someone sitting next to you. Your partner will not interfere with your playing but he or she might offer advice or insight into what is taking place in the reading deck before or during it.

How to Start

To start the tarot reading session, you should shuffle each deck of cards individually. Shuffling will bring good luck in the reading and will allow the energies of each card to be blended with those that surround it. Make sure that you don’t cut the cards because this will indicate a termination or conclusion of some kind. Also, never leave the deck on its side when shuffling it because this is an indication that someone present is being deceitful and is not being truthful about something.

The Spreads of Tarot Cards

The first step to your spread is to shuffle your tarot decks with all their contents facing down then begin dealing them upright in classic order (i.e. Two of Swords, Three of Swords, Four of Swords, Five of Swords and Ten of Swords). Next, shuffle the cards again (face-down) and deal them in an orderly fashion. To begin your reading, lay out the cards one by one in a sequential manner on a flat surface like a table or floor. You should take the card that was laid out at first and think about what it means before putting it down on the table.