BizSAFE has been recognized as a nationally recognized program. SGSecure components are included in the program to assist businesses in implementing counterterrorism safeguards.

Bizsafe training is a five-step program designed to help small and medium-sized businesses enhance workplace safety and health skills. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the path begins with senior management showing their commitment to WSH, acquiring risk management skills, and implementing a WSH Management System. Participating in small and medium-sized enterprises learn about the advantages of implementing a complete WSH system.

  • Nomination of a Risk Management (RM) Champion to finish a bizSAFE course on Risk Management will help you acquire risk management capacity.
  • Implement risk management and evaluate it by a MOM WSH Auditor whom MOM has authorized. To qualify for bizSAFE Level 3 recognition, an auditor must report that an organization has satisfied the WSH (RM) Regulations.
  • Attend the WSHMS bizSAFE course on WSHMS to learn how to manage WSH systematically.
  • The WSH Management System must be certified to achieve excellence.

Why biz safe is a good idea

The bizSAFE emblem may be on letterheads, name cards, and other business materials to sign a company’s dedication to safety—all bizSAFE community members on the WSH Council website.

In addition, bizSAFE partners, such as government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, large enterprises, and suppliers, provide additional business rights and benefits.

bizsafe training

bizSAFE partners include major shipyards, big construction businesses, developers, town councils, and government organizations. SMEs can satisfy contractual obligations with bizSAFE. To be considered for a contract with these partners, SME contractors must fulfill bizSAFE Level 3.

  • Comply with the Rules Regarding Risk Management
  • Increase Your Company’s Competitive Advantage
  • Improve Your Company’s Brand Identity.
  • Give Your Workers a Safer and Healthier Place to Work
  • Take Advantage of the Free Promotion of Services
  • Utilize Free WSH Assistance Programs on-Site
  • Take advantage of Free Educational Tours.

Who may participate in the bizsafe first-level program?

As a senior management responsibility, the safety of a company’s workforce via the bizsafe training level 1 program. They are the foundation of an organization, and no one saves the top three layers of the company’s structure can safeguard it from dangers and hazards. As a result, business owners, general managers, managing directors, CEOs, and directors are eligible to apply for the bizsafe first-level program. Applicants for the safety program must submit an application and register to learn advanced risk management and safety tactics.

For the bizsafe first-level course, what are the topics covered?

Bizsafe’s first-level curriculum is based on the Workplace Safety and Health Act and includes all workplace safety standards and requirements. The director’s guide, risk management, bizSafe, and other ideas. In addition, the curriculum emphasizes CSR, financial planning, safety culture, the SGSecure concept, and the importance of adhering to the Workplace Safety and Health and Security Policy.