Bonuses, in terms of websites, are essentially the extra credit you get for registering on any particular website. Any bonus amount you receive when you join a website from a new account. You can get a bonus in various different ways like:

  • Registering on a website from a new account – This is perhaps the most common way of getting 꽁머니(bonus) Most websites use this method to give you a small head start on their apps or websites, which usually leads to higher engagement with the user.
  • Referring someone to a website or an application – Companies can also use this method. How it works is that; it essentially provides you – (the referrer) and your friend – (the referrer) additional bonus points.
  • Completing/meeting certain requirements – It is a relatively less popular method but incredibly effective and can provide the user with a large 꽁머니 () Under this method, the user has to complete or meet certain requirements – like completing a survey or downloading an application and meeting certain requirements on the said apps to gain bonus points. This assists the company in increasing its user base but also helps in making the overall interaction of their user more enjoyable.

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The Difference in Bonus and Charging Points

There is a vast difference between charging points and bonuses. Charging points refer to the additional amount provided by deciding a percentage for each website. This amount is decided via the money deposited by the user when they engage in online bets.

On the other hand, Bonus points refer to the extra points you get when you meet any of the requirements mentioned above. They are an added incentive you get when you initially register or complete any task.

How to use Referral Points

Referral points you earn when you indulge in any activity on the website. It depends upon the number of hours you’ve spent on the website and how many bets you have placed. Now the next big question is, how can one redeem their referral points? Well, there are a number of ways to do this:

  • Discounts: You can use your referral points to redeem extra discounts on your bets.
  • Cashback: One could also get benefits like cashback
  • Credits: It could be used to gain extra credit for that particular website
  • Subscriptions: One could also gain free subscriptions for websites that are affiliated with the website

Hope this article provides you with enough information about the Bonus site.