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Do you have an air filtration system? I have three. The main reason of having a filtration unit is to give comfort to your body during breathing if you have asthma or allergies from dust and fungal spores. If you are a allergic or asthma patient air filtration system is like a blessing for yourself It may also provide fresh air kills the viruses and harmful bacteria. According to the report of WHO 7 million peoples died in 2012 just because of air pollution, indoor and outdoor pollution causes sever type of heart respiration diseases and even leads towards lungs cancer.

Makes your air fresh dust free and order free maintain fresh air in your apartments or home etc. best whole house air purifier are worth in term of  money so you may feel they are expensive if you are not investing your money wisely and taking the great risk for your family and loved ones.

Points of interest of having a top quality air filtration system

You should have air purifier to clean air of your house. Always prefer good quality air purifier otherwise you’ll not see any difference .Invest you money in HEPA filters and ozone filter. Former help you to clean air even in large space, also capture minute pathogen and particles. Ozone filter are huge filters thoroughly purify the air but, they can cause nausea. So, turn it on before you leaving the house.

  • If you are living in any enclosed space area air purifier system works efficient and filter air which is 100 times indoor polluted
  • You are over the age of 60 years so you need whole house air cleaner it gives you healthy active long life at this age you need fresh air that helps you to breath easily. It is difficult for you to go out regularly for walks etc.
  • Having the children’s is a blessing of god the full house air purifier keep their self away from effects of air pollution, metabolism of the children’s are weak as compared to adults so they easily get any negative impact on their health.
  • Allergy patients needs hvac air purifier they not only eliminate air pollution but performs a variety of functions related to it these function includes;
  1. Catches pet dander to protect others from allergy
  2. Eliminate the bacteria and viruses from air.
  3. Prevent the spread of germs and illnesses
  4. Eliminates volatile organic compounds from the air
  5. Prevents unpleasant odors originating from stoves and ovens
  • Heavy traffic around you house or room may causes harmful airborne chemical particles in the air full house air purifier eliminates it completely reduces the chances of heart attack and other serious problems.

Highlights to consider while picking Best whole house air filtration system

As its very basic thing  everyone known that your purification of air depends on how much you invest in buying product, how’s its speed and last one is size of your home. You should keep in your mind about the size of your room, home or apartment and made purchase of air purifier system accordingly.

Latest technology

Air filtration system follow the smart technology , you can operate it with your smart phones or Bluetooth.You  will get updates about the air quality if they are not according to your standards, just need to setup alert that can meet your air quality standards.


It must have the feature of automatically shut down when you are not using it or slows down your speed itself without any supervision, it will save energy as, with this automatic feature the unit will not run at a high speed all the time.Time setting feature is considered important if your are not able to buy air filtration with automatic feature. So this feature is important you can set time for those hour in which you need it and after that time system will turn off.


There are 4 different sizes available in market for air purifier

Small size: Work perfectly in personal spaces e.g. small rooms (300 sq. ft)

Middle size: Works for the room size from 300 to 699 sq. ft

Large size: Best to be used for room size between 700 to 1900 sq. ft


Maintainer for air purifiers mean that when do you need to replace the air filters

HEPA filters: these best room air filter don’t need to be changed till 1 year. They’re some brands producing HEPA filters their air filters last for 5 years.

Caron filters: Last for 6 month.

Pre-filters: Last for 3 month but some pre-filters are also washable, increases life span.

Work silently

There are many whole home air purifier that produce noise because of its built in fan that are present in it but  you have to choose one according to your area where you place it if you need it for home use then air purifier must be work silently or having the sleep mode option. Check the DB level of the noise on low and high both speeds. Offices do not needs noiseless air purifiers because already in offices there is a lot of noise so you wont get disturb when you buy built in fan air purifier system.


There exists a 2 updated versions of the household air purifier system;

  • Freestanding units are easy to install and you can carry it easy as having the integrated handle but they occupy some space so consider that point wisely.
  • HVAC connected The Best whole house air purifier is easy to set up without any extra efforts makes your life easy but if you plan to have a HVAC system then you must need the services of expert technician its not easy to install by yourself because of having a lot of technical skills. These air purifier for entire house comes with the information manuals that guides you but normal individual can not understand that technical knowledge.


Now a day polluted environment causing adverse health condition. According to WHO survey,20% death are caused by respiratory illness and cancer due to the exposure to harmful air-pollutants. Moreover, ozone layer is depleted rapidly due to the interaction with air pollutant

Air filters help you to improve the indoor air quality.

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